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How To Help

I've built several successful businesses over my lifetime and anytime you are building a new organization, you have to start with the basics. A narrow focus helps growth and allows for organic growth and flexibility.


We’ve chosen achievable goals, even if we only invest our own personal time, attention, and money into the public health conversation.


We aren't selling anything. We don't rely on you believing our message to survive.


The first thing you can do takes no time at all (although the badgering can get annoying from the site...)  Sign the petition to the FDA, report drug side effects when they occur, and share our videos and blogs. 

As I project growth for the Black Box Initiative, I can see room for people interested in these positions or helping in the following areas:


Wiki-Master: Person in charge of a crew of volunteers that make sure that drug side effects are properly reported in Wikipedia.


Submissions Expert: Person in charge of reviewing and curating submissions for film, blogs, art, and other efforts to raise awareness of Black Box Warnings.


Social Media Pharmacist: We need someone to push our drug messages out on social media.


Coordination Coordinator: Person in charge of cultivating relationships with the vast number of nonprofits, governments, medical groups, and other groups that need to know about the Black Box Warnings and who can help us achieve our goals.


Mystery Contributor: Have an idea or a unique set of talents that you think we can use, don’t be shy, let us know. 


Email me at if you would like to volunteer.

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