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Film #1:

"You Have Just Been Black Box Warned"

This film shows a visual of what happens when "...these, and other side effects have happened." Yes they have. To us, to others. This films shows you what happens in real life to real people when The System's failure to address medication safety leads to unimaginable losses.


Film #3: (in production)

"It's A Mad World After All"

This film sheds light on the money in our healthcare system, and how money, not "care," influences our providers, HMOs and other organizations who stand to gain from our illness, not wellness.

Holy Medicine.jpg


Original songs (Worth It, Rest in Pieces) with videos here are a continuation of the films, their themes, motifs, and an expansion of their narratives, shedding more light, through music and imagery, how vital medication safety is. 


Film #2:

"It's Not Just About the Children"

Sheds a bleak light on the systematic assault on our basic humanity for nearly a half century, and how our families and society has been impacted by that. We need to know and understand the difference between normal human emotion and pathology but we've been sold lies about what it means to be human for too long and at the expense of our actual lives.


Film #4:


The final film will hopefully offer a way to address the systemic healthcare problems we face, including more informed choices about medications and creating a more collaborative relationship with prescribers. 


Poetry - Literature

Novalis said, "Poetry heals wound inflicted by reason." I can't think of a better way to describe iatrogenic harm. Being worse AFTER the treatment than before, or having brand new health challenges due to the treatment is all too common. But we've allowed it because we're at the mercy of the healthcare system. It's time to shift the balance of power to more equal footing. 

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