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Worth It

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Worth It

music and lyrics by J.A. Carter-Winward


Tell me that it’s worth it
And I’ll believe you
You’ve never given me a reason
To doubt you before today

So tell me it was worth it
And I’ll agree with you
I concede my consent
Was never really mine 

To give away
So when you ask me:

"Did you find your lost smile?
Did you find all the time
You gave away to the mirror
Telling your face to believe in
Whatever I say?"

And when you put it that way
How do I say to you

I'm anything but 'okay'?

So tell me another ending

To this story of yours
I don’t need it happy
I just need for it
To make some sense of it all

And when you find the right answer
I hope I’ll be the first one you call
I’ll wait by the phone like I do
I’ll wait for you 

To tell me all the other ways

This could end...
So when I ask you:

"Have you found my lost smile?
Have you made any time
To look today in the mirror
Telling yourself to believe in
anything I say?"


How can you look at me

This way and tell me 

I’m anywhere near okay?
So tell me was I worth it?

Did I make it worth your while?
You always gave me reasons 
To believe you with your smile
Before now...

Before today

Before just now


Until now

Until now

Until now

Until now

Until now...

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